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Casearia Project

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Casearia is a project to promote the culture of the milk supply chain in the Italian regions,
which represents an economic and social value, with a deep and rooted history.

The initiative aims to present an economic development model through a specialized and quality event. The event is linked to the values of the authenticity of the territories of the Italian regions, while embracing a concept of economic and environmental sustainability, capable of relaunching micro-territoriality, the promotion of products and sustainable tourism. 

The idea was born from the observation that the sector's fairs and events are concentrated in Northern Italy, while in the rest of the country there are only events focused on regional specialties (buffalo mozzarella, parmesan, etc.). Hence the need to bridge the gap and develop an integrated offer between products, culture, tourism, towns, rural villages, environment, through an innovative, creative approach, in line with the policies of the European Union. The exhibition allows the visitor to live an immersive experience, through a sensorial and emotional journey.

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Feel Casearia

Casearia it is an "open-air village" with entrance ticket. The stands will be attractive and in line with the best exhibition traditions. The area will allow access to the core products and selected "collateral" stands (desserts, beer, cured meats, etc.). The visitor will be able to visit the exhibitions, learn the company and product stories, carry out testing and purchases. The event will be accompanied by a catering & food, where genuine foods linked to local tradition will be prepared.

Other moments complementary to the event:

The conference, the awarding of the best products with a trophy created by the Millenaria Pontificia Fonderia Marinelli. The cultural space will see meetings focused on different topics, useful to companies and beyond, treated by leading experts and technicians on: State of the sector, development, marketing, health aspects, etc. The speakers will be recruited from the university world, from trade and sector associations, and administrators. The musical and recreational events will allow opening hours to be extended and also attract other target users. Casearia will also offer a free info point on the city, places to visit and accommodation facilities.

Image by Azzedine Rouichi
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